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Cutting Edge LASER Technology

At Apical Endodontics, we stay up to date with the latest scientific advancement and technology.  Laser intracanal activation involves agitation and "activation" of disinfectants used in root canal treatment to clean out accessory canals better than ever before.  We've adopted EdgePRO™ Laser technology that enhances removal and disinfection of infected tissue, biofilm (mixture of bacteria) and smear layer (extra debris) without removing unnecessary tooth structure in the root canal system.  This will further add to the success rate of root canal treatments done at our practice.  Welcome to the cutting edge!



EdgePRO™Laser Microfluidic irrigation received full FDA 510 (K) clearance for use in Endodontic Treatment.  It utilizes Er,Cr:YSGG 2780nm wavelength laser technology.

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Enhanced Intracanal Cleaning

EdgePRO™ provides outstanding Cleaning, Debridement and Disinfection by removing infected tissue, biofilm and smear layer killing up to 99% of bacteria commonly found in the root canal.  This should give you confidence that your tooth's infection is being removed at the highest efficiency, more than ever before. 

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